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Passing of the Third Floor Back
Jerome K. Jerome

Project Gutenberg Compilation of 233 Short Stories of Chekhov
Anton Chekhov

Hermann Hesse

Spatial Delivery
Randall Garrett

Keep Out
Fredric Brown

Contes Franais
Douglas Labaree Buffum


There are likes of Netflix for movie, Youtube for videos and Spotify for music but we don’t have a great service for those who love to read .We present Readnet an open world of short stories where you can lose yourself into a world of short prose.We have beautiful stories from the likes of Charles Dickens,Mark Twain and Jack London all for free.

We have a recommendation engine in the background which based on what you might like would suggest the next short story to read ,so no need to bother about what you might read next we have got that covered. Happy reading !